Sad News

We are sad to report that audree miscarried twins tonite. It’s doubtful that even given proper recovery time, being Oberhasli, that she will come back into heat and that any of the Obie boys will be interested, so she may be on the bench for the 2018 season.

Right now we are focusing on her physical and mental health-she knows something is wrong and is looking for her babies.

This is the part of farming I hate so, so much.


Its Getting Close to Kidding Time!

With our CAE test results in (all negative) and our G6S results all done (all normal), now is the time to start reserving your very own Goatroper Farms Kid.

We raise on strict CAE prevention, with heat treated colostrum and milk from our own negative does. Kids are pulled at birth and given everything they need for a great jump at life. You can see our full outline of husbandry methods here, and for our breeds and to reserve a kid, follow this link.

We look forward to doing business with you soon! See you around the Barn!

Milk Stars and Baby Goats, oh my!

Annie earned her milk star in butterfat on test #5, and joins the ranks of our hard working girls. Good job you cranky thing, you.

13 of the 14 bred girls have passed their 21 day heat cycle and *whispers* everyone seems to be pregnant. Just waiting on one more tomorrow…….

So if you want a goatroper baby in your barn come 2018, give us a holler. We will have lots of beautiful babies with the pedigrees to back them up available! Check out our planned pedigrees on the For Sale Page.

Lastly, we are entering the time of year where milk production is loooooooooooow. So while we are still taking appointments, we will need a lot of notice, and even then if you need fresh we may have to reschedule. We ask for you patience.