2019 Breeding Plans

We already had some inquiries about deposits for 2019 kids, which is very exciting! As soon as we know if the AIs we did at the beginning of May took or not, we can really working on breeding plans and publishing them. Most of the obies are all done, toggs and experimentals up to toggs, mostly done, nubians….not so much.


SOLD-Doe in Milk for Sale

We’ve decided to sell one of our working girls. Eve is a sweet girl who just doesn’t produce to the level that a working dairy needs. When she was on test last year she made an average of 3.5 pounds of milk a day, which is just under a half gallon of milk.

Her dam Phoenix is one of our Star Milkers, qualifying in butterfat and protein, so Eve would be perfect for that homestead family wanting to make cheese, yogurt, or soap. Her protein and butterfat levels were similar as a first freshener to her mothers.

She is CAE negative (tested October 2017), fully vaccinated, milk stand trained, used to both hand and machine milking. She is an easy kidder and had twin does in 2017 and a single doeling this year completely unassisted both times. Literally two pushes and suddenly baby goat. Very sweet and affectionate without being pushy. Freshened 2/11/2018


We are located in west Little Rock. $225 cash, $250 PayPal or credit card obo

Trying Something New…..

After many requests, we are attempting a livestream. Goatmomma is not tech saavy as she used to be, so it may be a disaster. Also, this is a working real honest to goodness farm. Sometimes, no matter what we do, sad things happen. Not a lot, not even most of the time, but Birth and Babies are messy and stressful. They don’t come out bouncy and clean. Just…be prepared.

Annie is a Star!

It’s official! While she struggled this year with volume, our sassy grade Nubian wowed us in butterfat, with a whopping 65 pounds in 240 days. Fingers crossed lactation #3 will be the one for volume to match that butterfat craziness. But she joins the ranks of our Star milkers, and is our second star Nubian. Congratulations to Outlaw Gunslinger Annie, you earned it.

Sad News

We are sad to report that audree miscarried twins tonite. It’s doubtful that even given proper recovery time, being Oberhasli, that she will come back into heat and that any of the Obie boys will be interested, so she may be on the bench for the 2018 season.

Right now we are focusing on her physical and mental health-she knows something is wrong and is looking for her babies.

This is the part of farming I hate so, so much.

Its Getting Close to Kidding Time!

With our CAE test results in (all negative) and our G6S results all done (all normal), now is the time to start reserving your very own Goatroper Farms Kid.

We raise on strict CAE prevention, with heat treated colostrum and milk from our own negative does. Kids are pulled at birth and given everything they need for a great jump at life. You can see our full outline of husbandry methods here, and for our breeds and to reserve a kid, follow this link.

We look forward to doing business with you soon! See you around the Barn!